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About us

Some of my earliest memories are of food...

From a young age, I could remember walking into my grandparents' home to the intoxicating smell of sizzling garlic, freshly made sauce, golden roasted vegetables and cooling baked goods.

My grandparents spent hours creating meals for us and like most Italians, Sundays were for family dinner. Nonna made pasta by hand, she grew the basil on the window sill and the tomatoes were from the family garden. My cousins and I would play and no matter how busy she was in the kitchen, she made sure to make time for our every request. We'd yell out to her and she would promptly respond "Si Carino" or "Si Cara" , which in Italian means 'yes my dear' or 'my love'.

Those words will forever be near and dear to my heart. She would say it almost every time we would say hello and goodbye as she wrapped her arms around me and whispered "Mio Carino."

Inspired by her hospitality, Si Cara is a place for family, friends and for the daily celebrations of ordinary life.